I”m interested in finding a way to measure the value of each interaction. Not a results, or things (the completion of many interactions), but the value of each and every interaction needed to do the whole thing.

Interactions of value:

  • The things we say.  (Are we staying true to our soul and spirit?)
  • The things we do. (Are we wasting precious time?)
  • The things we think. (How do we talk to ourselves?)
  • The things we search for. (What’s out there still undiscovered?)
  • The things that matter. (So why do we do things that don’t matter?)
  • The things we abuse. (What are we hiding from?)
  • The things that misguide us. (Am I the only one on this lonely path?)
  • The things that inspire us. (What makes you get out of bed in the morning?)
  • The things that drive us. (What keeps you up at night?)
  • The things that fire us up. (Who do you wish to be?)
  • The things that make our heart sing. (Is it true, I found you?)
  • The things that help us find ourselves. (In the dark, a shining light-)
  • The things that make days a little bit brighter. (Thank you, Dear Moon.)

How do you measure the value of your interactions?