The Value of Things.

I”m interested in finding a way to measure the value of each interaction. Not a results, or things (the completion of many interactions), but the value of each and every interaction needed to do the whole thing.

Interactions of value:

  • The things we say.  (Are we staying true to our soul and spirit?)
  • The things we do. (Are we wasting precious time?)
  • The things we think. (How do we talk to ourselves?)
  • The things we search for. (What’s out there still undiscovered?)
  • The things that matter. (So why do we do things that don’t matter?)
  • The things we abuse. (What are we hiding from?)
  • The things that misguide us. (Am I the only one on this lonely path?)
  • The things that inspire us. (What makes you get out of bed in the morning?)
  • The things that drive us. (What keeps you up at night?)
  • The things that fire us up. (Who do you wish to be?)
  • The things that make our heart sing. (Is it true, I found you?)
  • The things that help us find ourselves. (In the dark, a shining light-)
  • The things that make days a little bit brighter. (Thank you, Dear Moon.)

How do you measure the value of your interactions?

5 thoughts on “The Value of Things.

  1. I love this post….lots of tough questions in there. The older I get, the more I seem to be craving silence and solitude. The things that inspire me are still the same — trying to make a difference for the better in my readers’ lives. (Hubris!)

    • Aren’t we all?🙂 … Thing is, I’m not sure if it’s an age thing, or it’s an information-overload thing that sends me into hiding. Seems like the rest of the world is obsessed with sharing everything about themselves except for what matters – what’s deep down in the heart and soul. Anyway, keep your posts coming. They inspire more than you can measure.

      By the way, since you liked this post, you may like my poetry (definitely deeper than what’s on this site.) Check it out, if you’d like:

      • Thanks!

        I wonder if, indeed, this is a reaction to TOO much data. On vacation the past 2 weeks, I did not read the paper or watch TV or listen to the radio or tweet. I feel a whole lot better — and came back to the NBC Nightly News with a much deeper distaste for its faux dramas.

      • Souls are not satisified with “stuff” but that’s what big business had led us to believe (as I’m sure you know). Your comment about the NBC Nightly News program is refreshing; a candid remark full of honesty and truth (thank you, by the way).

        Similarly, we’re surrounded by “things” – things that move at lightning fast speeds. If things keep moving at this pace, it makes me wonder when are we going to fall from grace. I’m starting to question if we’ve already had enough…

        What do you think?

      • Absolutely, yes.

        I think of the fish who asked the other fish: “How’s the water?”

        “What water?”

        Until or unless we’re able to find or create or maintain some intelligent distance from our reflexive and consumer-driven choices, we’ll behave like automatons. I think many of us do. It is easier and simpler to “go along” than to hit “Pause” on many of our habitual thoughts and behaviors.

        I was starting to hate Andrea Mitchell (do you know her husband is? Can you say ‘conflict of interest?’) and Richard Engel (who I admire but who speaks in a voice that suggests we are all really stooooopid) and then I heard the syrupy close from Harry Smith and thought….Enough! American “news” is just a really bad joke.

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